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An Overview on Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Cancer Treatment (2008)

Speakers :

Dr. Jeng-Fong Chiou, M.D. Taiwan

Dr. Da-Fu Hsu Taiwan

Dr. Andy Sun, Ph.D., D.D.S. Taiwan

Dr. Chi-Ming Lai, M.D. Taiwan

Dr Hiroyuki Abe Japan
Prof. Narin Voravud, M.D. Thailand
Prof. Won-Bo Wang, Ph.D. Taiwan


Dr. Jean-San Chia Taiwan
Dr. Obitsu Ryoichi, Ph.D. Japan
Prof. Stephen Cho-Wing Sze, Ph.D. Hongkong
Dr. Chi-Yuan Yeh, M.D. Taiwan
Prof. Win-PIng Deng, Ph.D. Taiwan





Event Name :

Tian Xian Medical Conference

Location :

Bangkok, Thailand

Speakers :

Dr. Wang Zhen Guo China

Dr. Ray Baldwin California, USA

Dr. Abe Japan

Dr. Su Chai Thailand

Dr. Felicidad Felicilda Philippines

Dr. Andy Sun Ph. D. Taiwan

Dr. Siu Malaysia


The 3-day Tian Xian medical conference was held in Thailand.  There were at least 7 doctors from different countries who spoke of their experience with Tian Xian liquid and alternative treatments.

Event Name :

100 Cancer Survivors Honors Tian Xian Inventor

Location :

Beijing, China

Summary :

88 cancer survivors from China plus 12 survivors around the world goes to Beijing's prestigious seminar hall to honor the Tian Xian inventor, Dr. Wang Zhen Guo.

In this event, the survivors present their testimonies and performed various presentations to give thanks to the Doctor.  The survivors wears a common red sash which means Tian Xian brave cancer survivor.



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